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Membership Requirements
All RIMLS participants are required to meet the following requirements:
  • Must be licensed as a real estate agent by the local Municipality.
  • Must be a member in good standing of the National Real Estate Association of the Country of Honduras (CANABIRH)
  • Must abide by the MLS Bylaws and MLS Rules adopted by the RIMLS brokers.
  • Must pay the required fees to the MLS Provider. $17us/agent/month (prorated Jan-Jun and Jul-Dec) +$250 one time office setup fee.
    * Note: Brokers are required to register and guarantee payment for all agents affiliated with the office whether or not they intend to use the MLS.
If you are a Principal Broker that meets these requirements and would like to participate in the Roatan Island MLS Serivce, please complete the form below.  We will email you an application, and once approved you will receive a Service Agreement from the MLS Provider via docusign.  Once you sign the agreement and pay the fees, you will receive your MLS credentials so you can login and start using the MLS.  Note: It is very easy to use, and there are online training videos to show you how to: add listings, edit listings, search listings, etc.
I am Interested in participating in the RIMLS:

New Office Approval Process:
  • Principal broker completes the contact form above.
  • The MLS president emails an application to applicant (pdf file attachment).
  • Applicant submits completed application along with a copy of the company Operating Permit to MLS President.
  • The MLS president sends a bulk email to all current principle broker members asking if anyone objects to the approval of the application.
  • If two or more principal brokers object, then an official vote to approve or rejct the application is taken (majority wins).
  • If the application is denied, the principle broker will be given a chance to appeal in person at a brokers meeting where another vote may be taken.
  • Once applications are approved, the MLS president will add the new office and new agents in the MLS.
  • Once the application is approved, the MLS Provider will send an MLS Service Agreement to the Principle Broker by docusign.
  • Once the Service agreement is signed, the MLS provide will collect payment and provide the login credentials.

New Agent Approval Process:
  • Once the office is approved, the broker agrees to submit the following to the MLS President for each agent that is affiliated with the company:
    • Agent's Name, Email Address, and a copy of the agent's Operating License showing they are an authorized real estate agent.
  • The MLS President will verify the license and add the new agents to the MLS.
  • The MLS Provider will approve the new users and email the login credentials.

Suspensions and Terminations:
  • When an agent is fired or dissassociates from a member office, the principal broker may notify the MLS President and/or the MLS Provider.  The MLS president will email the MLS Provider, and the MLS Provider will cancel access for the member.
  • If any broker participant believes that another broker has blatantly violated the MLS rules and/or membership requirements, or if a court of law has deemed an MLS participant to be guilty of crimes or fraud of any kind, the brokers may call a vote to suspend or terminate any member.  The majority vote wins on any such vote.  If you would like to file a complaint or suggest any such vote, please contact the current MLS president.