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Chapala MLS Proposal
RealtyPro SolutionsTM has been providing MLS service since 1994.  As a neutral third party, we have built a reputation of trust and quality that's hard to find.  We are dedicated to your satisfaction and success.  If you have a problem - we probably already have a solution - or we can fix it in a day or two instead of "never".  For a complete list of features and service included in the MLS Click Here.  Following is a summary of the services we are proposing to offer to CAR members:
  • Two public websites w/ full IDX integration (1 in Spanish - 1 in English).
    - Each website is fully editable by CAR using the back-end website editor.
  • Full Service MLS in English (Search, sort, select, preview, print, & email listings).
  • Spanish integration (limited fields in Spanish + ability to view, print, & email spanish reports & flyers).
  • Mobile MLS Website (compatible w/ smartphones, droids, tablets, iphones, ipads, etc.)
  • Auto Email Prospecting (New Listing Alerts)
  • Saved Searches, Contact Manager, Teams, Multi-task login, Work as another agent
  • Forms & Contracts, Listing Watch, Agent Bulk Email & Text Messaging
  • CMA's, Financial Calculator, Stats, and lots of extra bells & whistles.
  • Free IDX integration for office/agent websites
  • Low cost IDX websites (design, hosting, and full idx integration)
  • Low cost Virtual Tours (fully integrated with the MLS).
  • Listing Syndication to third party websites that displays listings in Mexico
    - (i.e., Trulia, Zillow,,, etc).
  • Unlimited phone and email support to the CAR support staff & e-support direct to agents in English.
  • All of the services above are included for only $9.95 US per agent/broker per month.
    - We will send a snapshot invoice on January 1 and on July 1st (6 month billing) to CAR.
    - We suggest CAR bills on December 1st and & on June 1st - so you have 30 days to kick people off or collect.
    - Fees can be completely hidden from agents (or they can pay us directly by credit card).
  • 3 Year Service Agreement with year to year renewals thereafter.

You can have as many fields as you need - and you can modify the multi-choice selections for each field.  You also have the ability to make any field required for any property type - plus you can add custom validation to require certain things basedon certain conditions.  In short- you control data input and the data output and we are very accomodating in those areas.  The printouts can be modified to include whatever text, fields, and data you want (in either language).  The biggest limitation I see is the multi language integration.  While we can customize printouts and reports, we currently do not have dual language on all of the programming, interface, and use of the MLS.  We are willing to build a complete Spanish MLS, but continuing on a path to more and more dual language integration is not in our plans at this time. That being said, we are willing to do as much as possible to make the system work for both languages - and as far as the public site goes, it can be fully modified to work in Spanish with very few major limitations.

We are offering a FREE Trial to all members of CAR through December 2014 subject to current negotiations.  If you decide to switch to RealtyPro MLS® sooner, we will still pass along the savings and not charge any fees until 2015.  We normally have a $250US one time setup fee per broker - which we will waive for all brokers who sign up during the free trial period.  You may want to run both systems during the trial period... but once you have decided to make the switch - we suggest converting and going LIVE with one system so all agents are on the same page and all listing data is current.

Once you decide to change, we can convert your data and have the new system live between 30 and 60 days.  Following is a simple outline of the general process of converting:

  • Free Trial by MLS committee
  • Negotiations with current and future MLS provider.
  • General Membership presentation (or several small presentations to each office)
  • Vote &/or Official decision to change - terms, conditions, and timeline.
  • Convert Data -(we need about 30-40 days)
  • Review of data and all features by beta testing committee
  • Go Live Date- We will help with training and support
  • MLS Committee follows up and suggests changes
  • Agents are super happy and wonder why they didn't do this years ago!

We want to be clear that the current MLS is an English MLS.  We have tenative plans to make a simplified MLS that can be translated completely into a second language.  This option; however, it not a dual language MLS - it's a "pick your language" MLS that is the same for all users.  The proposal for the Chapala MLS is that it is an English MLS with limited Spanish functionality.  The current proposed Spanish functionality includes:

In the MLS

  • Add select fields for Spanish: List Price (MX), Lease Price (MX), Exchange Rate, Spanish Headline, Spanish Remarks
  • Customize select listing reports in Spanish so they can be printed and emailed. (1 thumbnail, 2 flyers, & 1 full detail printout)
  • Create a translation database for features: Interior Featuers, Exterior Features, Utilities (could be expanded in future).
  • Export data twice - so it can be used in public sites in both languages.

On the Public Website

  • Full spanish site with text and menus in Spanish
  • Website editor to allow any customization you want on the Spanish site.
  • Display Spanish Features, Spanish Headline, Spanish Remarks.
  • Convert standard field names (List Price (MX) Beds, Baths, Cons. M2, Lot M2, etc.)

The bottom line is this: "Can your members afford not to have an MLS with all the features and services that we are offering?"
I suspect that once your agents see the value in the RealtyPro MLS® system, they will be willing to pay for it - even if it means paying for 2 systems and only using 1.  Our prices are so reasonable, it makes it possible to change even if you are stuck with the payment terms of your current system.  After you have approached your current MLS provider to come up with a fair resosolution, we will be willing to work with CAR if needed to create a buy-out type situation.  For example, we would be willing to raise our prices slightly in order to pay the agreed upon amount to the old Provider.  If your current provider is unable to provide the service that is needed and expected - and someone else is- I think that's leverage enough for most providers to realize the need to negotiate.

As a broker and agent myself (licensed in 3 states), I know how important it is to have the technology and tools necessary to be successful.  If you choose to use the RealtyPro MLS® system, we will do everything possible to accomodate your needs and to make the conversion as seemless and painless as possible.  I am confident you will find the MLS is: Easy to Use - Very Affordable - and it is packed with useful tools, features, and applications to help save you time, make you look professional.... and most importantly - help you take more listings and make more sales!

If any member of your MLS has any questions or would like a list of references, etc. I would be happy to help you and provide you with any information you need.  Thanks again for considering the RealtyPro MLS® by RealtyPro SolutionsTM!